Corporate Finance

Dragonfly Capital structures and raises private financing of debt and equity for:

  • Companies in need of capital for growth.
  • Leveraged acquisitions and leveraged recapitalizations.
  • Companies seeking to refinance existing debt.

Dragonfly Capital maintains active relationships with over 300 institutional investors, including major venture capital and private equity investment funds, foreign investors seeking equity investments in the U.S., regional and money-center commercial banks, insurance companies, pension funds, and companies seeking joint ventures. These sources provide capital ranging from equity and equity-linked instruments, to subordinated and senior debt, to lease financing and off-balance sheet financing.

Dragonfly Capital has an expertise in raising capital for clients from an extensive network of private equity and mezzanine finance groups who seek investments in middle-market companies and manage in excess of $100 billion of capital. Our experience with these firms and understanding of their investment objectives, areas of interest and transaction processes often enable Dragonfly Capital to deliver multiple financing alternatives to its clients on attractive terms. Our typical private placement transaction is in the $5 million to $150 million range.

Dragonfly Capital assesses all potential capital options, as depicted below, and helps determine a client's optimal capital structure based on a thorough understanding of the company and the financial instruments available.

Types of Capital
Sources of Capital
Equity Equity
Common Equity Private Equity Groups
Convertible Preferred Equity Venture Capital Firms
Redeemable Preferred Equity Corporations
Options, Warrants & Other Derivatives Individuals
Subordinated Debt Subordinated Debt
Convertible Banks
Non-Convertible Specialty Finance Companies
  Mezzanine Funds
  Select Private Equity Groups
  Pension Funds
  Insurance Companies
Senior Debt (Asset & Cash Flow Based) Senior Debt (Asset & Cash Flow Based)
Lines of Credit Banks
Unsecured Senior Debt Specialty Finance Companies
Secured Senior Debt Pension Funds
  Insurance Companies

Key elements of the private capital placement process are:

  • Determining the amount, type, and use of capital to be raised.
  • Preparing marketing materials including the business plan and investor presentation.
  • Investor research and screening.
  • Marketing to our extensive network of private capital sources.
  • Evaluation of investment proposals.
  • Coordination of due diligence.
  • Negotiating final terms of the financing.
  • Closing on the private placement.


At Dragonfly Capital, we are entrepreneurs who have chosen to serve other entrepreneurs. We operate by the same principles that have guided us successfully since day one.