a unique combination of skills across a broad range of industry sectors

Experience  Rene has over twenty years in venture capital and investment banking. Prior to Dragonfly Capital, she was the Director of Private Equity at Marion Bass Securities, a Charlotte-based securities firm. Rene moved to Charlotte in 1994 to start and run the Private Equity Group for Bass. Prior to 1994, Rene worked in the Research Department for The Robinson-Humphrey Company in Atlanta. She also worked with Dr. Donald Ratajczak at the Economic Forecasting Center in Atlanta.

Education  BS Accounting - Mercer University
Master of Finance - Georgia State University
Chartered Financial Analyst

Personal  Rene has two children and enjoys yoga and running. She also enjoys golf, scuba diving and snowboarding. Rene is a native of New South Wales, Australia and travels to Australia for family visits. Rene also works for several charity groups serving underprivileged children.