Investment Banking Services

Dragonfly Capital Partners, LLC, the broker/dealer subsidiary of Dragonfly Capital, is an investment banking firm serving small to middle-market companies primarily in North America. We provide our clients the highest quality execution of private capital placements and merger and acquisition engagements. We pride ourselves in our ability to create and initiate novel ideas that lead to significant transactions that enhance shareholder value. We work with our clients to understand their needs, set objectives, evaluate strategic alternatives, establish parameters and execute transactions from inception through successful completion.

Meeting the investment banking needs of small to middle-market companies requires unique expertise and experience. Dragonfly Capital provides the expert investment banking services traditionally offered by major Wall Street firms to Fortune 500 companies.

Dragonfly Capital has earned an exceptional reputation for marketing highly attractive investment and acquisition opportunities. As a result of its record, we have developed close relationships with numerous financial investors and strategic acquirers worldwide. Consequently, Dragonfly Capital's clients benefit from its visibility in the industry by gaining access to a large and diverse network of institutional investors, financing sources, and acquisition-oriented companies.

Investment banking areas of focus include:

Dragonfly Capital Partners, LLC is registered with the Security Exchange Commission (SEC) and a registered broker-dealer member of the FINRA  and SIPC.


At Dragonfly Capital, we are entrepreneurs who have chosen to serve other entrepreneurs. We operate by the same principles that have guided us successfully since day one.